Stephen Sumner

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

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The Covid-19 Butterfly Effect.

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The 'Butterfly Effect' is based on the idea that small things can have a non-linear impact on a complex system. The concept being that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a typhoon, which isn't really true but a great metaphor for what happened at the start of this new decade and is still going on today and will no doubt be around for years to come.

Strategy Alignment

Your Brand Needs To Stay Relevant To Consumers.


Just as in the ‘Butterfly Effect’ metaphor it seems that when one person in Wuhan province coughed the world caught the flu at lightning speed. As global retail started to feel the full fragility and brutal brunt of this butterfly winged global pandemic, we started to see those with weak balance sheets that were already teetering on the precipice of disaster gasp their last retail breath. 

Pre Covid-19 we saw lots of retail companies in different sectors who say they were keen to change. As we now know they didn't move quickly enough, and the recent crisis has accelerated what would have been a slow terminal decline.

Chances are you are probably already way behind where you need to be..


Transformational change

The Sales Funnel Is Blown To Bits with Covid-19

Change is scary for many people, particularly if it seems like it's your job that could be cut as part of that change. 

The reality is that even though we might say we embrace change we prefer structure, order, and the familiar - so we end up just taking an incremental approach to change which in effect doesn't really change anything does it? But what if you had a crystal ball, what do you think you would have done different if you knew how quickly this crisis was going to hit the fragility of economies, people, countries, and the subsequent business impact. 

What do you think M&S, Thomas Cook, Mothercare, Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser and others would have done different back when the sun was shining - correct answer is NOTHING, yup that's right, nothing!

Who in your 'Change Making' team are focused on answering the big question around 'how we deliver a true post Covid-19 multi-channel' experience?

How Retail Can Get Back It's Mojo

A Recent Interview About Disruption in the Retail sector.

About Me

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Creating Business Growth, Building Digital Connections.

Stephen operates as an independent retail visionary business and international marketing consultant, he is also Associate Retail Director with ‘DLA Ignite’ the No 1 'Strategic Social Media Transformation Company' around the World.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Visionary Business & Brand Growth Expert. I help you better understand why consumers choose one Brand & Company over another.

I don’t just talk about ‘Growth’, I guarantee to deliver it, I do this because I’m a ‘Growth Practitioner’ whose proven to deliver time after time.

To do this I manage a tried and tested process that gets your Leadership team to refocus and realign on the ‘Why’?

I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your leadership team to drive growth and get them ready to shape the digital future. 

Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's analog regrets to the world of tomorrow's digital victories....

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Business Growth Consultation

Recognised by my peers as a Digital 'thought leader', Key 'Change Maker', and innovator, I bring fresh thinking, life, and energy and actionable solutions to your business growth challenges. My aim is to inform, educate, hold your hand, and inspire you and your colleagues to take decisive and deliverable action.  Contact me, and we can design a consultation that fits the needs and challenges you have today.

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