Stephen Sumner

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Business & Brand Growth Expert.

Social Macro Economics

Social Media, Just a Fad?

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eCommerce to hit $3.5 Trillion in 2020.

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Embrace the Future


 “ABI Research forecasts total e-commerce revenue of US$3.52 trillion in 2020, growing Year-over-Year (YoY) at nearly 19%."

The above from a piece of recent research around the potential future for eCommerce is predicting some stellar growth, perhaps at the cost of profit in order they invest to remain ahead of the competitive landscape. A significant part of that pressure today is coming faster than anytime in the history of the commercial internet we have come to know.

Strategy Alignment

Your Brand Needs To Stay Relevant To Consumers.

Many years ago when eCommerce was in its infancy we took our lead from the west, in particular from the good old US of A......but no more!

We have become used to all the effort and investment to drive 'traffic' towards our eCommerce websites.....but no more!

From what we can evidence the majority of real commerce innovation is coming not from the west, but from the east and China has now taken that lead with others playing catch up, if at all.


This would suggest that all companies involved in online commerce should be paying closer attention, learn quickly, test fast, and deploy at scale.

China leads in the area of 'Social Commerce' way ahead of all of Facebook's acquisitions and so called innovations. If this is fact do you and your team have an in-house working group who are really looking at what 'social commerce' is other than something to just post your latest 'offer' or 'promotion' - is today's customer tomorrow's competitor?

Chances are you are probably already way behind where you need to be..


Transformational change

The Traditional Sales Funnel Is Blown To Bits

Tech-savvy, Social Media aware consumers are rejecting blunt, intrusive push-advertising that targets the occasional ‘click & buy’ result and has dominated the on-line advertising space for the past 20+ years. 

Does your leadership team even know what impact platforms like 'TikTok' will have on the next wave of consumers coming through?

What about the superpower of 'Social Media' in all its forms and platforms around the globe that stood at 3.7bn people at the end of 2019?

Then there's the huge shift in D2C that's seeing brands that were once your supplier choosing to go direct to the consumer, and where 90% of those consumers say they are more than happy to deal with them - todays supplier is possibly tomorrows competitor.

Who in your 'Change Making' team are focused on answering the big question around 'how we deliver a true multi-channel' experience?

If the answer sits just with your marketing team then I'm afraid your already fucked!!!

How Retail Can Get Back It's Mojo

A Recent Interview About Disruption in the Retail sector.

About Me

Stephen Sumner talking about digital intrusions

Creating Business Growth, Building Digital Connections.

Stephen operates as an independent retail visionary business and international marketing consultant, he is also Associate Retail Director with ‘DLA Ignite’ the No 1 'Strategic Social Media Transformation Company' around the World.

'Chief Change Maker', International Retail Visionary Business & Brand Growth Expert.

I help you better understand why consumers choose one Brand & Company over another.

I’m your ‘Go To’ guy when you’re losing customers because you lost your ‘Why’? I’m also your ‘Go To Guy’ when you want reduce your reliance on paid media & increase your ROI.

I've had the privilege of working both sides of the desk in all marketing channels, with some sizable budget spend, and in numerous countries for over 30 years.

I increase your brand authority & it’s equity, I also reduce your reliance on ‘paid media’.

I don’t just talk about ‘Growth’, I guarantee to deliver it, I do this because I’m a ‘Growth Practitioner’ whose proven to deliver time after time.

To do this I manage a process that gets your Leadership team to refocus and realign on the ‘Why’?

I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your leadership team to drive growth and get them ready to shape the digital future. 

Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's analog regrets to the world of tomorrow's digital victories....

Stephen Sumner discussing content strategy

A Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us, fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier to our own success. A healthy relationship with fear is the doorway to the part of your brain that optimizes judgement, decision making, and creativity. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you, mentor you, hold your hand, and encourage you to open the digital door.. 

Stephen Sumner discussing the rise of social media for business

Business Growth Consultation

Recognised by my peers as a Digital 'thought leader', Key 'Change Maker', and innovator, I bring fresh thinking, life, and energy and actionable solutions to your business growth challenges. My aim is to inform, educate, hold your hand, and inspire you and your colleagues to take decisive and deliverable action.  Contact me, and we can design a consultation that fits the needs and challenges you have today.

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