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Social Proof


The traditional push advertising model has been the stalwart for all media companies on and off the web, however that model is increasingly coming under threat as consumers are empowered with the ability to ‘skip’ and ‘block’ those online ads, if you combine this with a greater intolerance around data privacy and the legislation that now surrounds it, all is not well in ad land. Major advertising and marketing houses are facing an existential threat in losing customers and revenues, including the lucrative retainers they have traditionally commanded to manage major advertiser spend. 

Why Your Brand Isn't Relevant To Me On Social Media.

Strategy Alignment

There are tectonic ‘social’ changes afoot, these changes are already disrupting the traditional buying process for the B2B sector, and with the rise of ‘Social Commerce’ from China in the east, its already proving to be disrupting the SEO driven ‘digital’ sales funnel for B2C.


Many companies have simply transferred the ‘advertise and promote’ mentality into the social media space, however the rise of ad blocking, ad skipping, the increasing restrictions around data privacy and its use continues to diminish the accepted media marketing landscape.

Often companies believe that they just need to do more of what they are already doing as opposed to doing something new, something which acknowledges that the landscape has changed out of all recognition. As brands and companies move away from the one trick pony of intrusive advertising, which is also riddled with circa $100bn in advertising fraud by 2022, and start to think about moving into the scary 'we can't control it' space of social media, where authenticity is everything!.

Why is this important?

Because, chances are you are probably already way behind where you need to be..


The Traditional Sales Funnel Is Blown To Bits

Transformational change

Tech-savvy, Social Media aware consumers are rejecting blunt, intrusive push-advertising that targets the occasional ‘click & buy’ result and has dominated the on-line advertising space for the past 20+ years. 

Today’s consumers are looking for evermore immersive experiences where extra information relevant to their current social media activity enhances their experience rather than detracts from it and access to related products and services are a convenience. In a world where the traditional 'push advertising' model is effectively the sale of 'attention' - intrusive advertising is rapidly turning audiences off, across all devices, yet the opposite is happening with Social Media- Why? 

Using my proven 'Social Media' Expertise  and techniques, this series of workshops will help your leadership team learn how to throw away the database, and avoid intrusive 'outbound marketing activities. It will show you how you can reduce marketing and advertising spend, become more 'front of mind' with your customers and prospects. 

How Retail Can Get Back It's Mojo

A Recent Interview About Disruption in the Retail sector.

About Me

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Creating Business Growth, Building Digital Connections.

Stephen operates as an independent retail visionary business and international marketing consultant, he is also Associate Retail Director with ‘Digital Leadership Associates’ the No 1 Voice for 'Social Selling' around the World.

A Former C-Suite International Commercial Marketing (CMO) and 'Digital Entrepreneur', I've had the privilege of working both sides of the desk in all marketing channels, with some sizable budget spend, and in numerous countries for over 30 years. I have been called a 'Digital Pioneer' by my peers for the leading edge innovative Marketing and Communications technology companies I have built and sold, My preference is to have been called 'Change Maker' by the Brands and Companies I have helped to grow.  

The changing metrics required to support omni-channel organisations has meant that the traditional Marketing Director role is now outdated, some might say redundant.The need to become deeply embedded in the entire business enterprise operating more as a ‘Chief Change Maker’ has created the requirement for a number of unique skills to sit alongside all business touch points.  I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your leadership team to drive growth and get them ready to shape the digital future. 

Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's analog regrets to the world of tomorrow's digital victories....

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A Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us, fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier to our own success. A healthy relationship with fear is the doorway to the part of your brain that optimizes judgement, decision making, and creativity. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you, mentor you, hold your hand, and encourage you to open the digital door.. 

Stephen Sumner discussing the rise of social media for business

Business Growth Consultation

Recognised by my peers as a Digital 'thought leader', and Key 'Change Maker', and innovator, I bring fresh thinking, life, and energy and actionable solutions to your business growth challenges. My aim is to inform, educate, hold your hand, and inspire you and your colleagues to take decisive and deliverable action.  Contact me, and we can design a consultation that fits the needs and challenges you have today.

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